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Fanfiction History of the Baka - Virgin Smutters Unite! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Fanfiction History of the Baka [Jun. 7th, 2004|11:37 pm]
The Virgin Smut Club


[mood |ditzyditzy]

First there was Sev and the Sevilian Board and the Sevilian Story and USS Sevilia.

Then I got obsessed with the game Baldur's Gate and started reading fanfiction on the Attic.

Due to a friend I made on the Attic prodding me to read a particular fic I started reading Dragonball Z fics where I first read NC-17 rated smut.

I never looked back.

It was while looking through an author's homepage I found slash and while I initially thought little of it the idea grew on me of the pairings I had seen (Trunks/Goten, Goku/Vegeta) and I went looking for it.

under the influence of DBZ slash I started joining Yahoo groups, I opened my first lj (this one BTW) and tried my hand in RP for the first time.
One group I was in was multi fandom and a round robin started in it into which someone brought in Harry and Draco. I got interested and ended up going looking for Harry Potter fanfics - and whoa! I found them alright!

I joined more Yahoo groups, collected lj friends, read H/D, read SB/RL, read Weasleycest, read Malfoycest, read Pottercest when I could find it, read HP/SS, HP/LV, HP/LM...
Pretty much any pairing except any with Dumbledore, Hagrid or Filch.

I started to drift again before December, reading a number of fandoms, PotC, Smallville, X-Men, BtVS/A and LotR.
The last one is my current main fandom.

In December I joined theatrical_muse with a HP house-elf OFC, then I also brought in my old favourite BG NPC (non-player character) Imoen. I gave up on the house-elf but I still play Imoen.

I have also since picked up Elros, twin brother of Elrond, Varda aka Elebereth, Vala of the stars and Haldir.

Elros is my first real venture into writing my own smut as he is in a passionate incestuous relationship with his beloved twin.
Haldir may become smuttily involved soon, if Cely doesn't keep giving him the runaround!

Other than Elros' RPs I don't really have any smut of my own yet but I read it copiously.

So that's my smut history for you!